Personal Wellness Assessment

Get Your Body In CHEX!

Always feeling tired, shortness of breath after little physical effort, poor circulation, always getting sick, prone to injury or joint pain, poor sleeping patterns, constantly thirsty, easily irritated and stressed. Any of these symptom could be linked to poor basic health and physical fitness and some of them could be the result of a more serious underlying issue. Is this you? or maybe you know a friend or relative that fits the description. If so, please read on…

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Eating To Lose Weight

Do you struggle to reduce the lbs?

Anyone that has struggled to maintain a healthy weight range, I’m sure has tried some sort of weight reducing diet or attended a slimming club. There are hundreds of diets and slimming clubs offering you a solution to your weight loss problems, and yes they can be successful but the results don’t last! The fundamental flaw in all of these diets is sustainability. Any desire for long term results should be backed with long term effort. The term Yo Yo dieting is used to describe the fluctuations in body weight loss and gain due to repeated attempts at low calorie dieting. This just leads to poor body composition and a slower metabolism.

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Sporting Performance…

Quickest Way to Improved Sporting Performance…

You have committed hours training and practising to improve your sporting ability but yet you lack that edge. You’re driven and committed and push just as hard as your team mates or competitors but you can’t seem to see the benefit from your efforts. Sound familiar?

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Corporate Wellness

Why Invest in Corporate Wellness?

Your employees are the greatest asset you have and potentially your greatest liability, motivated by your actions, incentives and recognition. So how do you protect and grow your employee asset while reducing potential liability?

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Successful Workout Rules

5 Basic Rules For A Successful Workout

No matter your goal or purpose for physical activity, following these simple rules will greatly improve your ability to reach your target and hasten your path to physical fitness.

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Health Screening! Why Bother?

Health Screening! Why bother?

Today’s busy lifestyles can greatly affect the health of employees in all types of businesses. Stress, late nights at the office, fast-food lunches, missed meals and shift work can all create havoc with our body’s immune, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and nervous system. This can lead to more serious illness, such as cardio vascular diseases (ie: heart attack and stroke). The world’s number one killer.

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Improve Your Productivity.

Move, Eat, Sleep!

We are all familiar with the physical benefits of exercise and diet but do you know or even care about the mental benefits! Example…

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Chained To The Scales

Is This You?

The old method of recording total weight for health and fitness is becoming obsolete and in most cases has led to an epidemic of yoyo dieting and poor weight management. Your exercise and or diet plan could also be the cause of your weight problem and poor sporting performance.

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Client Success Story

Joe’s Wellness Journey

Over 7 months and 9 appointments Joe has lost… 3 stone 1 pound of body weight 8% body fat with 0% lean weight loss More importantly, he has improved his Metabolic Rate (BMR) by 1.2 kcal/lb = an additional 304 kcal daily Joe will burn up at rest (before activity). A long term solution, not a short term fix!

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Managers/Team Leaders

Positive Group Dynamics

Turn a good team into a great team with 5 often overlooked interpersonal skills. Just some of the qualities that employees on a successful team will possess but more than often they are taken for granted, under developed and rarely exercised

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