Performance NI Ltd
(Performance Fitness) Established 1997

Our main services include Corporate and Personal Wellness, offering health management solutions and specialist personal wellness plans to corporate groups and private clients. Additional services include group fitness classes and health and fitness promotional events.

Our journey working with private and corporate groups for over 20 years has given us invaluable experience in our industry and earned us a reputation that we are proud to broadcast. Professional, reliable and consistent services with personal attention to each and every client.  We follow strict quality guidelines formulated to achieve customer satisfaction and we apply customer feedback productively. We are currently building a quality management process to satisfy ISO 9001 accreditation.

We have a strong team of dedicated health and fitness professionals, highly skilled and motivated with a great understanding of our clients’ needs and expectations.

The Team...

  • Gerry Barnes
    Company Director
  • Eileen Wilkinson
    Company Secretary
  • Anna Mc Cluskey
    Sales and Promotions
  • Thomas Mc Neill
    Team Leader
  • Timmy Burns
    Team Leader
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Technology-Based Service

In addition to our experienced team of health professionals. We invest in the latest health and fitness technology to provide you with a professional high-quality technology-based service. Using the latest BIA technology and software we can accurately monitor body composition and metabolism to develop the most accurate personal wellness assessment. The importance of proper evaluation of composition and metabolism is essential when determining personal programme direction and prescription, combining experience and technology to deliver a first class service.

Thank you for spending time with us.

Gerry Barnes - Director