Client Success Story

Joe’s Wellness Journey

First of all, well done Joe. Your commitment and effort to the wellness plan is outstanding. You have reached every target laid out and it’s great to see your motivation is advancing at the same rate as your plan.

Over 7 months and only 9 appointments Joe has lost…

3 stone 1 pound of body weight

8% body fat with 0% lean weight loss

More importantly, he has improved his Metabolic Rate (BMR) by 1.2 kcal/lb = an additional 304 kcal daily Joe will burn up at rest (before activity). A long term solution, not a short term fix!




What’s different about Joes weight loss?

If you have read any of my previous blogs on weight management, you will have noticed a common theme “long term solution, not a short term fix”. Being able to sustain a healthy weight range requires permanent changes slowly implemented into your daily routine and constantly adjusted as you progress through your wellness plan. Staying within your BMR and EAR levels is essential to prevent poor weight management and short term weight loss.

·         1st Appointment. Joes wellness plan began with a comprehensive body composition analysis to determine his metabolic levels (minimum and maximum calorific requirement). We looked at his diet and general lifestyle choices, assessed his health risk ratio with blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and body fat measurements. We drew out a wellness plan and time line showing Joe his actual, normal and predicted results. We didn’t prescribe any exercise at this point, just small changes to his diet and lifestyle choices to be reassessed in four weeks.

·         2nd Appointment. Four weeks later Joe had managed to shift 7lb of weight just by making the smallest of changes to his diet and general lifestyle. Joe “I can’t believe that, I barely changed a thing” Not only did Joe reduce his body weight but he managed to sustain his lean mass and improve essential hydration levels. This motivated Joe and inspired him to become more conscious about his food choices. I introduce some light activity to be performed at home over 6 weeks.

·         3rd Appointment. Six weeks later Joe weighed in with an additional loss of 1 stone since his last appointment. At this point Joe was delighted but after analysing his composition it was clear that he had actually worked too hard at his diet while increasing his activity level. This caused a small drop in his lean weight. Not much but if continued could lead to reduced metabolic rate and short term results. I asked Joe to up his calories slightly and updated his home activity plan to include some resistance exercises. Joe” You want me to eat more, are you sure?”  I scheduled him to return in 3 weeks.

·         4th Appointment. Three weeks later Joe weighed in with an additional loss of 4lb as well as recovering his 2lb of lean weight (6lb fat off, 2lb lean on). Another satisfying result and we were back on track. Joe “I’m shocked I wasn’t expecting to loss any weight this time, it’s an education” I updated his exercise plan and adjusted his diet to suit his additional activity. Confident that Joe had learnt a lot at this point I decided to reschedule him for an update every 4-6 weeks over the next 5 months. He has since lost an additional 1 stone 2 pounds during this time. Joe “I didn’t realise it would be so easy”

Joe is still on his wellness journey and is happy to share his success with you. So if you know Joe, send him a motivational comment or share his story with someone you think could be inspired by him.

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