We are pleased to have clients across a broad range of sectors, please read what some of our recent clients say about us.

Oxfam Ireland have always believed in the benefits of investing in our people and we found the Performance NI Wellness program delivered across our two offices in Belfast and in Dublin to be an extremely positive and rewarding experience for all concerned. Probably one of the most cost effective investments we have made in years delivering benefits to both the employees and organisation over a long and sustained period of time.

Trevor Anderson Director of Trading

All of the staff at Capita were impressed with the professional and approachable Wellness Assessment services provided by Gerry and the team at Performance NI. The purpose and outcomes of the assessments were very clearly explained and everyone come out of the process with a much better understanding of what lifestyle changes they could make to improve their health. Having personally participated, I can thoroughly recommend Performance NI’s corporate wellness programmes to any company interested in promoting the health and wellbeing of their staff

Roger Eigenheer, Chief Operating Officer

This was one of the most successful and best supported personal development programmes we have ever run. It genuinely did seem to make a difference to peoples lives. We have seen real benefits from the programme in terms of teambuilding, morale and reduced absenteeism and I intend to make it a regular part of our training and development plan.

David Livingstone Director, N.I. Trading Standards Service

Performance have provide expert coaching service at more than 20 classes a week in our various facilities. The feedback from our clients is extremely good and the retention rate among the customers speaks volumes for the motivational skills and expert tuition provided. Their reliability certainly make my job a lot easier.

Pat Seenan B.C.C L.C Area Contract Manager

The BT software development centre used the Corporate Wellness programme, it improved the work life balance of the people involved. The team that participated got a good insight into their health and fitness levels and many regularly participated in Performance NI fitness classes. This has been a good shot in the arm for our teams.

Mark O’Flaherty Director BT Business & Consumer IT Development

My experience with the Performance NI personal wellness plan has been enlightening to say the least. I was shocked at the results that subtle changes had made to my body and outlook. The scientific approach was hard for me to get my head around at first but I quickly understood after seeing the changes. Each process was explained to me in great detail all the way through the programme. This gave me comfort and confidence in Gerry’s ability to direct me towards my personal goals. I have increased my hydration, decreased my body fat by ten pounds and increased my lean weight by seven pounds. I’m not eating different foods, just changed how and when I eat my food groups. I would recommend Gerry to anyone who is starting off or like myself has been training for years and wanting to find direction.

Maeve McKay

I have been training with Performance NI since August 2015, medical issues in my life made me look at things differently and my doctor advised me to change. So with the help and knowledge of Performance NI I did just that. As with most first meetings I was nervous but was soon put at ease in the relaxing surroundings of Performance NI’s private gym. I was assessed and a plan put together that suited me and a target that we set to get me from just over 18 stone to 14 stone. With the vast knowledge, professionalism and especially the enthusiasm to help others improve their health, Performance NI has gotten me to within 1 stone off my target in 6 months (February 2016). I have enjoyed all aspects of the training and looking forward to being a healthier and fitter me all thanks to the wonderful team at Performance NI.

Joseph Kerr

My husband and I had booked a cruise for our wedding anniversary and needed to get into shape beforehand. We arranged a free consultation with Gerry from Performance NI to discuss what was possible in the short time we had before or holiday. He was very honest about what was realistic. Although I was disappointed at first, I was thankful that he was straight with us. We did reach our realistic target before we went on holiday and now we are seeing Gerry every 3-4 weeks for a personal wellness update. Paul and I can’t believe the how much this has changed our lives. We are healthier and have a lot more energy. We are even thinking about going skiing for our next wedding anniversary.

Geraldine & Paul Ridge

I have always been active and would occasionally visit the gym but I wasn’t seeing any great changes to my body. I booked a free appointment with Gerry for advice. He was very approachable and gave me his view on where I was going wrong. I booked a block of six sessions with him over 12 weeks. My attitude towards diet and exercise has changed a lot. I spend less time in the gym and treat food differently. I am now in the best shape I have been in a very long time. I intend to book another block of sessions and spread them out over the next 6 months. I suggest you book a free appointment and hear what he has to say.

Colin Roland

I put my faith in Performance NI before my wedding. I hated the thoughts of going to the gym and needed someone to push me and keep me focused. I booked the one to one 10-week intense course but after speaking to Gerry he suggested that I should involve my two bridesmaids for motivation and support. This worked out cheaper for us all. It was hard work and a couple of times I wanted to give up. The diet wasn’t so bad though. We all got fantastic results over the 10 weeks and my sisters and I are still going every 4 weeks for an update.

Mrs. Janet Townsend