Employee Results

At the end of each wellness programme your employees will have the tools, knowledge and contacts necessary to maintain healthy productive lives.

  • Results and Progress Check

    Results and Progress Check

    This is an additional personal report comparing previous results. Giving the employee a comparative view on progress for each component tested. The second report is designed to encourage adherence and motivation helping to move personal goals and targets to the next level.

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  • Free Additional Assessment

    Free Additional Assessment

    To further promote and encourage your employees to sustain their new approach to personal wellness. Each employee will be gifted an additional personal wellness assessment held at one of our private studios, giving them an opportunity to monitor their progress and re-evaluate personal wellness goals.

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  • Overall Achievement Report

    Group Achievement Report

    Finally, we will furnish a group progress report to you the employer. Highlighting the overall benefits from the wellness programme and future wellness direction. Note: no personal information or personal results are disclosed in this report. All individual employee results, goals and targets are confidential.

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Employees who participate in regular exercise are fitter, happier, healthier less stressed and as a result are more productive and less likely to take time off through poor health and diet.

Reduce absenteeism, stress, sickness, tiredness, injuries. Improve productivity, energy, concentration, communication, morale and staff retention with a happier healthier workforce. Giving you a direct return on your employee wellness investment.