Results and Progress Report

A second visit to your department is arranged. This follow up assessment is an additional and vital motivational tool, essential for participant consistency. A comparative report of results is presented to each employee.

The results obtained from this second test will give your employees a clear indication of their past and present body state. We will clearly show them any change and improvements achieved from participating in the wellness programme and encourage new goals and target.

These new goals and targets can be set over a longer time frame and can be re assessed using the free employee assessment. This bonus assessment will be held at our personal wellness studio.

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Free Additional Assessment

We like to go the extra mile!

Performance NI have a vested interest in each individual member of every wellness programme. An integral part of our service is following up and monitoring progress and promoting advancements in personal health and fitness goals.

To further promote and encourage your employees to sustain their new approach to health and wellness. Each participant will be gifted a follow up assessment held at one of our wellness studios. This is a onetime free assessment giving the employee an opportunity to discuss their progress and re-evaluate long term personal wellness goals.

This free assessment will allow the employee to build a relationship with their wellness advisor and if needed, can arrange to return for regular up dates

As part of our commitment to your corporate wellness programme we will offer your employees a corporate discount towards Personal Wellness sessions.

Group Achievement Report

Seeing a return on your employee wellness investment can be monitored instantly through group analyse.

Note, no personal information or personal results are disclosed in this report. All individual employee results, goals and targets are confidential. The report represents a collective measurement of results and progress.

At the end of each wellness programme you the employer will receive an overall achievement report, listing group progress for each component tested with before and after results. You will see clearly, the progress made by your employees and clear guidance towards your next steps to maintaining a healthier happier workforce.

Download A Sample PDF Report...