Partner or Group

Our Partner or group sessions are designed to help you reduce the cost and increase the fun. Training in a group environment with your partner, family member or friends can be a fun and rewarding way to achieve your personal wellness goals.

You will receive the same dedication and personal attention that is provided with our one to one sessions. A minimum of one session per week is recommended to sustain motivation and a weekly body analysis will help with exercise direction.

  • £35per person per session (Minimum 6 sessions per person)
  • (*) Additional charges may apply

Sign up for our Health & Weight Management Programme and qualify for half price Pay As You Go personal training sessions for the length of the programme. No minimum term or contract, you are in control. Click the link to learn more…

Health & Weight Management Programme

You will receive a personal report showing actual, normal and predicated results on each component tested. We will set out clear targets for each component and direction on nutrition and your Estimated Average Energy Requirement (EAR)

The measurement's listed above are all used to determine your Personal Health Risk (PHR) and Personal Programme Direction (PPD)

Measurement such as VO2 max *, Flexibility, Lung Function and Grip Strength may also be used to determine Personal Programme Level (PPL). You will be given a prescription of activity and diet advice specific to your goals and targets that you will be required to follow between your one to one sessions.

Depending on your motivation and projected targets we will give you full control. You decide how often you require an update, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or every 6 weeks. Your will receive a free re-evaluation of body composition and metabolism with each session showing your progress and aiding Personal Programme Direction (PPD).